The people who are involved with the North Highland Community Museum
Our Vision:
Our vision is to contribute to the development of a strong and vibrant North Highlands community that understands and celebrates its history and cultural heritage and works together toward building a better future.
Our Mission:
Our mission is to engage the North Highlands community and the public in learning about and celebrating the unique social, cultural and natural history of our area by providing opportunities for personal and community development.  We do this through maintaining a vibrant Museum to showcase our history and heritage and through a Culture Centre that serves as a meeting place for the community and showcases the North Highlands heritage as well as the stories and talents of our people.

Museum Board of Directors

The Executive:

Co-chairs: Ken Murray, Ron Nikkel

Treasurer: Jennifer Burchell

Secretary: Naomi Stockley


Kathleen MacLeod
Norman MacDonald
Gloria MacDonald
Bernard Gwynn
Jarl von Arlyon
Earl Gwinn

Bookkeeper: Alison Sams

Manager: Meghan Dudley



North Highland Community Museum and Culture