The Blacksmiths Forge

The heritage MacIsaac Blacksmith Forge, which stands on the Museum grounds in Cape North, has been refurbished with a new foundation, roof and other parts. Museum blacksmiths fashioned nails, hooks and other implements during the Museum’s past seasons. Some of these articles may still be purchased in the Museum’s Gift Shop.

Visitors to the Museum are encouraged to stop in at the forge and see where these important items of the past would have been created.

These photos show the MacIsaac Forge in the past few years. Our Blacksmith was Jacob Wilke, trained professionally by John MacDonald, Baddeck.

Forge VIsitors
1.Visitors line up to see a demonstration of the blacksmith’s art.

2.Jacob at work, heating an iron rod.

The Forge FIre
3.The forge fire, fuelled by coal.    4.Working the rod with hammer and anvil.

Completed Tool
5.Completed Artifact Presented to NS Lt. Governor Mayann Francis




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