Special Exhibits

2014 marks the Centennial of the start of World War I (1914 – 2014) and the 75th Anniversary of the beginning of World War II (1939 – 2014). The Collections Management Committee has created an interesting exhibit to honour and remember the men and women who served our country in both those wars as well as the folks on the home front who supported them. Please take time to visit the museum and the exhibit this year!


In 2013 the gallery featured the Modern Petroglyph Art Carvings and Prints of Kevin Sudeith.


In 2012 the Special Exhibit space was dedicated to The Titanic, The Telegraph, and Tragedies at Sea

In 2011, the Museum's Special Exhibit space was dedicated to an exhibit "Cape Breton Weather, curated by Meteorologist Bill Danielson of Smelt Brook. Opening day was Sunday, July 10, 2011. Thanks to photographer Drew Blitz, a recent summer visitor to Northern Cape Breton, a video of the exhibit's opening is available for viewing, at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AA2ioyiOYGw. Other images of the weather exhibit will be posted on our website soon.

In 2010, the Special Exhibit space was dedicated to Down North Medicine in Days Past. Exhibit curator was Dr. Ken Murray of South Harbour.

In 2009, our first Artisan's Exhibit,“Needle, Hook and Shuttle,” represented the work of 29 local artisans ! - whose names are listed below..

Scenes from The Aspy FaultClick to see a close up of Scenes from the Aspy Fault. Click to see a close up of Scenes from the Aspy Fault. Click to see a close up of Scenes from the Aspy Fault. Click to see a close up of Scenes from the Aspy Fault.

Claudia Gahlinger’s five-piece tapestry, “Scenes from The Aspy Fault,” is the most recent addition to the Museum’s permanent collection of fibre artwork. Click on the images to view them in more detail. Click here to view some other entries in the exhibit.

“Needle, Hook and Shuttle” Artisans

Theresa Buchanan, Bay St. Lawrence
Lorraine Budge, Neil’s Harbour
Esther Danielson, Smelt Brook
Maureen Capstick, Cape North
Charlene Dixon, South Harbour
Darlene Ellis, Cape North
Effie Fitzgerald, Sugar Loaf
Merne Ann Fitzgerald, Dingwall
Mary Fraser, Dingwall
Claudia Gahlinger, South Harbour
Margaret Gwynn, Cape North
Fern Hawley, Ingonish
Deirdre Macdonald, Sugar Loaf
Mavis MacDonald, Sugar Loaf
Sheila MacEachern, Dingwall
Myrtle McEvoy, Sunrise
Selma MacKinnon, Smelt Brook
Tracy MacLellan, Sugar Loaf
Effie MacLeod, Cape North
Lorna MacLeod, Cape North
Ruth MacLeod, Cape North
Voilet MacLeod, Cape North
Effie Annabel Morrison, Cape North
Linda Murray, South Harbour
Tamara Rasmussen, Bay St. Lawrence
Nellie Rideout, Neil’s Harbour
Janice Stullenburger, Sunrise Valley
Norma Taussig, Gray’s Hollow
Iris Wilkie, Sugar Loaf



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